Silkworms at 48.90N 8.21E

PART 3 Dedicated to my wife!

Now only here: Chart ..... Vocabulary

Wednesday to Saturday
June 1 to 4 2005

day 33 to 36
many worms
many spinning
many pupae
17 died over time

June 5 2005

day 37
still some worms
many spinning
many pupae
17 died over time

Things remain busy. Not much leave fetching, more cleaning and handling.

On Wednesday I was at my sons school with some of the worms, some cocoons, a pupa and some leaves. I kept spending all morning and showing the worms to classes one, three and five. An amazing experience. The excitement and enthusiasm! For a few first some disgust but at the end they all wanted to pet them!

The CatHerders I thought would be discouraging after they had it all seen before, but I get some great feedback and "thumbs up" - Thanks guys!

Meanwhile harvesting has started.
The pupa! Metamorphosis in action. A closer look makes clear why the german word "Puppe" as the latin word "pupa" means doll. Also the comparison with a mummy is obvious. Of course that one goes deeper as the mummy is only ment to be a stage between two types of life.
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